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A Children's Consignment Boutique

FAQ's For Consignors 
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How does consignment work?
Bring items you would like to sell in our store.   We will set up a consignment account for you,  price your items, and display them for sale for a minimum of 90 days.  Your account will be credited as your items are sold.   
What items do you take on consignment?

We take most baby gear, children's clothing sizes newborn to 16, toys, furniture and maternity wear in good to excellent condition.   
Baby clothes sizes 0-24 months, hats, belts, and other small items will only be purchased with a gift card for our store.  
The needs of our customers,  the season of the year,  current styles,  as well as overall supply and demand determine what we take into the store and how items are priced.   We strive to provide the best value and service to both our consignors and customers.  
How much can I bring in to consign?
The number of items you may bring in to consign will depend on several factors, including our current inventory.  If you have large items such as a crib or stroller, or just a large number of items, please call the store ahead of time to be sure that we can accept them.  For clothing, you can bring up to 3 medium size bins or boxes at a time.  We do not accept clothing brought in garbage bags.   
Do I need an appointment?
If you would like to consign clothing, or a large number of items, you must schedule an appointment by calling the store.    Appointment availability is subject to the store's needs and current inventory.  
We usually accept walk-ins for all items except clothing between 10am - 2 pm, Tuesday - Friday. Please be aware that we may not be able to take your items, or assist you right away if we are helping customers or other consignors .   Please call the store before coming in.         
Do you pay cash for items?
We do not pay cash for items.   
How much will I receive for my items that sell?
Your account will be credited 40% of the selling price for items priced under $50,  and 50% for items priced over $50.
How will I know if my items have sold and for how much?

You can view your account activity and balance on-line at any time by going to My Account  , choose the store name BeginAgains 4 Kids,  and enter your name and consignor number.
When will I be paid?
You can redeem your account credit at any time for amounts up to $20.  Come into the store and you will be paid with cash.  No more than 2 cash redemptions will be allowed per month.  Amounts over $20 will be paid with a check.  Checks will only be issued on the 16th of each month, or the following Monday if the 16th falls on a weekend.  Checks must be requested no later than the 10th of each month for payment by the 16th.   

You can use your account credit to purchase anything in the store at any time.
Can I set up an account for my kids? 
Yes!  We have special consignment accounts for children.   You must have a consignment account with us first.    Your child's account is a store credit only account, not eligible for cash payouts,  and cannot be redeemed unless a parent is present.   You can transfer credit to your child's account at any time.